Last day in LA #bpmamerica

Someone’s been sleeping in my bed. My dear guitar has had more sleep than me that is for sure.
I tried to make it to bed early tonight, as we fly out first thing in the morning to Nashville. But It was hard to leave the lobby bar, saying goodbye to all the friends we made over the weekend.
I did sleep in a little this morning but woke up just in time to catch Pat Pattison’s class in the art of phrasing in music. It was a really insightful lesson in taking control of melody and lyrics. Using simple ideas of shifting the phrasing around, on and off beats, on weak bars or strong bars, to help direct movement, motion and emotion.
Another greasy burger gave me my sustenance for the day before I sat in on a talk about a 5yr plan for writing, pitching and placing music for film and tv. My new goals are to concentrate more on the sounds I am already good at creating and to be more prolific and less precious about my music. This will help lead me in new directions in a more organic, satisfying way.
Everyone has been so generous with information and ideas. I have absorbed a lot and have formed new musical aspirations as a result.
Essie got a song played on a listening panel this afternoon. It sounded great. I think everyone has made some positive contacts as well as having new opportunities opened up. I certainly have.
I shall now put my almost untouched guitar in its case and sleep a short while before tomorrow’s adventures.

By fletchmusic

Fletch is a Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound designer living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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