Nashville day 1 #bmpamerica

Oh what a different feel there is arriving in Nashville from LA. There was an immediate chilled vibe that was welcoming at the airport. A welcome relief from LAX.
We got our car and found our house for the week, just in time to see the colors from the autumnal sunset. It is great to see the bronzed trees and the piles of leaves mounting in the gardens.
There was no need to linger, so we drove downtown and walked around Broadway and listened to the music spilling out of almost every establishment in town. Garry then took us to Puckett’s Grocery for some southern cuisine. I had fried catfish, but was glad I sampled the glazed ribs from Taylor’s plate.
We heard there was a big band playing at 3rd & Lindsey so we headed over a caught Duffy Jackson on drums doing his thing with a 15 price band. His jokes were pretty bad his delivery was hilarious. The music was excellent. It was great to hear some tight arrangements and kick arse drumming.
Everyone is asleep now. Jake is snoring in bed and the vented heating has turned off. It is starting to get cold and we have a day of songwriting tomorrow.
Maybe I can write a song about that.

By fletchmusic

Fletch is a Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound designer living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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