Day 4 @bpmamerica

These posts get posted a little later in the eve as we hang out with more people and meet new friends.
I started the day going to a great production workshop with a dude named Fett from Nashville. I really enjoy getting insights and tips in the world of recording and mixing. A few years ago I had little interest. Now I am immersed in the tech world.
I soon lost a little energy and wandered around a little deflated. After a great greasy hamburger I regained my enthusiasm and went to a workshop by muso named Chuck Schlacter. Composer to some of the music to Duck Dynasty. It was the best talk all weekend so far. He talked about the music industry being a marathon not a sprint. Maybe it doesn’t sound that interesting, but it evolved into a discussion about the importance of community and the leverage you can create by collaborating with your peers.
I was intrigued by the musical community that exists and flourishes within the Taxi group. Something I had not witnessed yet this weekend. Oh…. And I won a software prize.
Taylor and Essie got up and played a couple of songs at the open mik night. Kicking butt for the Aussie contingent.
And the rest….well… we had some fun, just like the rest of the Taxi Rally family.

By fletchmusic

Fletch is a Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound designer living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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