Day 3 in LA

So it was a busy 1st day of the Taxi Road Rally and with little sleep from last nights socializing it was a struggle to pull ourselves out of bed. But we did and got ourselves downstairs for the days workshops. I had a one on one mentor meet with a girl from Black Toast Music. She had all good things to say about my tracks with only minor production issues that I sort of knew myself.
I had a track played in a listening panel for labels execs. One guy said he liked the Neil Young vibe but ‘where is the hook?’ That seemed to be the issue of the day. Not enough hooks and too many verses. The weird thing was they went straight on to talk about Kpop. Not really my sort of panel.
There were some great little workshops about songwriting and pitching for TV and film and there were plenty of interesting people to chat to. Quite a few musicians from Nashville who we will no doubt bump into next week.
Taco Bell for dinner and a few beers. Oh how I am ready for bed.

By fletchmusic

Fletch is a Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound designer living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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