Nashville day 6 update #bpmamerica

Well it was certainly hard to wake up this morning. We put a huge dent in a 2lt honey Jack Daniels last night in celebration of yesterday’s recordings. Then we had to pack our bags and clean the house.
I had a record waiting for me at Grimy’s to pick up. It was the quickest record visit ever. 5 minutes and about 6 records. Pity I don’t have a working record player.
The we went to Gruhn’s guitars to window shop. I said before we walked in ‘don’t let me buy a guitar unless I really really want it’. I bought a lap steel. How did that happen. Well, 10 years ago I did not buy one from Gruhn’s. This time it was different. I spotted a 1950’s national lap that sounds hot. $500 later I am a happy man. I will make that money back being a steel player. And it is going to fill a lot if gaps in my recordings. Ooh yeah.
A couple of hours till we fly out. We are eating burgers and drinking craft beer. I will miss you Nashville. And so will my taste buds.


By fletchmusic

Fletch is a Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound designer living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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