Nashville day 4 #bpmamerica

‘Twas another day of songwriting. We had a bunch of local folks come over to our house to team up and write. A couple of them we had met the night before at the gig. We paired up as best we could according to style and got to work.
Aaron and me were both of alt-country stylings so we figured we would be a good match. I soon found out he was on a whole different level to me. He was a songwriting machine. He had both a great turn of phrase and a quick ear for melody. And he was funny as hell. I felt like I was on the back foot for while. But I caught up and we wrote a great downbeat country tune called “Never light your own cigarette”. It was a mother telling her daughter all the things she should know as she walks out the door. Like ‘Write songs your father would not approve of…say yes to every man and his drink’. Aaron sang with his southern drawl. It was a killer.
We had that done in just over an hour, so we moved on to another. We detuned our guitars and fooled around with a country blues feel aka Mississippi John Hurt. And we created a lullaby to a child as the sun rises in the morning called “Good morning baby”. Short and sweet.
We hung out with some of the songwriters, eating pizza and chatting about all things. There were some real good songs that came out of today. Songwriting sorta leaves you exhausted but with a huge buzz.
We then headed off the Scott Gerow’s house for some pre production for tomorrow’s session at RCA studio A. We played him the songs and made some rough plans of attack. I am really looking forward to what will come. There are some great little songs we all have come up with and they are going to take on another life tomorrow under the guidance of Scott and Mark Moffatt.
We ate great burgers, drunk good beer and then wrote our charts. Now we are all in bed trying to get rest. I heard there was a touch of snow this morning and the forecast is for snow on Monday. But we fly out on Saturday. You never know. We could get lucky.

By fletchmusic

Fletch is a Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound designer living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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