Day 1 #bmpamerica

It has been a great 1st day on our study immersion trip to the USA, although we are all running on lack of sleep. That will come soon. We took the chance to climatize by taking a drive to Santa Monica and Malibu. A truly stunning LA autumn day. Once we dumped our bags in our rooms we had a good chat about what we might expect from the Taxi Music Rally and the upcoming Nashville adventures. It is all starting to come together. I think it is time to get my guitar out of its case and introduce it to America. Stay tuned.

By fletchmusic

Fletch is a Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound designer living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

2 replies on “Day 1 #bmpamerica”

Hey jeff….i am only in LA and nashville….with no spare time….wow flaggstaff huh….i am going to have to come back….keep in touch…f


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